The Roland and Authella Ford Hersh House #1
304 W. Avenue "D" - Demolished in 1965


Built on the site of Ford's boyhood home (now on the U.N.T. Campus), the Hersh House was designed in 1939 by Ford and Arch Swank for Ford's sister and brother-in-law. Labeled "Chicken Coop Gothic" by Ford, it was described by S.B. Zisman in Pencil Points magazine (April, 1940) as "The first real Texas house of the present movement." This house was demolished in 1965 to make way for expansion of U.N.T.


hersh.1 hersh.1.back
Pencil Points Magazine, April 1940

Open Air Theater - U.N. T. Campus

The Open Air Theater was designed by Ford in 1928. At the dedication Ford was described as the "unpaid architect of the College". This theater was demolished in the 1960s.