6. First Christian Church

1203 N. Fulton
The First Christian Church was designed by O'Neil Ford and Howard Wong and completed in 1959. The concrete roof is a hyperbolic paraboloid (a favorite Ford technique engineered by Felix Candela) supported by ten concrete columns. The resulting roof sections represent the fingers of hands extended upwards in prayer. The intricately carved doors are by Lynn Ford.



7. Little Chapel in the Woods
Texas Woman's University
The Little Chapel in the Woods was designed by O'Neil Ford and Arch Swank and built with unskilled labor in 1939. This National Youth Administration project brought national attention to the work of O'Neil Ford. Under the direction of Dorothy Antoinette LaSelle, hundreds of students produced stained glass windows, light fixtures, intricate mosaics, and the massive hand carved doors of this elegant building. Eleanor Roosevelt spoke at the dedication of the Little Chapel in 1939. Ford later called that this project his favorite because of the participation of the students and the NYA laborers. The Chapel is recorded in the National Register of Historic Places and is a Texas Historical Landmark.