Appendix 1 Tax-Roll of Denton County -1847

Atkinson, Henry
Bradford, James
Bradford, William
Brazelton, John M.
Carter, John
Carter, Morgan
Chowning, Samuel
Clary, Elisha
Conner, Joseph W.
Culp, William L.
Davis, Isham
Dixon, James O.
Freeman, John
Freeman, John A.
French, Oliver
Galloway, Dr. S.C.
Gibbons, James D.
Gibson, Jesse
Gibson, John N.
Gibson, William, Sr.
Gibson, William H.
Gist, Benjamin
Grist, William
Harper, Hugh
Harris, Andrew S.
Harris, Francis L.
Harris, Wiley
Hawes, Benjamin
Hogan, Lewis T.
Hogan, Philemon R.
Holford, James P.
Hoplford, John H.
Hudson, Wiley
Hyatt, Frederick
Kanady, Jasper
Keith, Samuel
King, Christopher C.
King, William
Leach, John
Luttrell, Shelton
Malone, Perry
Masters, William
Murphy, Henderson
O'Neal, William
Pritchett, Edley
Ramsey, John
Riggs, Stephen
Ritter, John
Roark, William M.
Roberts, Resin
Simmons, John W.
Sisk, Frederick
Smith, Elisha
Sutton, Edmund
Sutton, Vinson R.
Turner, James T.
Waggoner, John
Weldon, William B.
Wilson, James S.
Withers, James
The list is signed by Joseph T. Turner, Chief Justice; James S. Wilson, Commissioner; and John Waggoner, Commissioner. It was attested to by John W. King, County Clerk, Denton County, and dated July 1847.

[I am indebted to Mrs. A.L. Chambers who copied this list -- BL.]